Tuesday, 9 February 2010

So we are eloping.

Which means..

I won't be paying full price for a new dress, and I'm not fussed on wearing someone elses wedding dress so.... I've discovered Duosheng, a company in China that will make any dress I want for a fraction of the price. All 3 of these dresses that I am tossing up between are Maggie Sottero designs, which means probably $2500-$3000 each. Duosheng has quoted me around $330 USD each. So plus postage, looking at about $400 AUD. BARGAIN!! They make them in both original sizes and made to measure. Going to go try at least one of them on hopefully this week or next (I believe they only have 1 of them stocked, but we'll see when we get there). Here's what I'm tossing up between...


I won't tell you which is my favourite... we'll just have to wait and see what I order, but I'd love your opinions :)


Friday, 5 February 2010

Hard staying positive...

Perhaps well just fly to America and get married in an Elvis Chapel.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Thursday, 4 February 2010


So our guest list is shrinking, our love of nothing traditional and something simple is increasing and our bank account is starting to thank us already.

The only problem I'm encountering is my dress.

I keep coming back to the conclusion that it is just waaaayyy too much for a 10 person wedding at the registry office, nice photos and dinner at a nice restaurant - most likely in the same part as everyone else. I'm really starting to think a nice simple long flowy white dress is the way to go. Paul can wear dress pants and a shirt. No jacket, no vest, no tie. The dress I have is simply beautiful, but it's not for what we want.. It's for what we wanted when we were in Ipswich and wedding attempt number 1 was happening. I was considering just wearing it for the ceremony and photos, then getting changed into something else before dinner but, I want to stay in my wedding dress all day.

The dress was $2250. Surely I could sell it for at least $1500? Put maybe $1600 or $1700 on it, with that little bit of room for negotiation. That's $750 cheaper than at the shops AND it's never been worn! Once more, the bank account would surely be thanking me!

I'm really feeling that this is the way to go. I will speak to Paul and let you all know.. if anyone is actually reading :)

Monday, 1 February 2010


I simply cannot wait to set a date.
There is nothing more in the world I want to do right now but marry the man I love.
So many dates going through my head and we just aren't in a position to select one yet. Waiting on jobs, uni, Paul's work etc etc.
I have a few months in mind, all for this year. Depends on everything obviously, but just can't wait to marry this man!
July (uni holidays), September (uni holidays), October (possible for Paul), December (possible for Paul, depending on my job, wherever I get one).
Simply cannot wait :)

Friday, 29 January 2010

Quick Update

Just thought that I would throw in a quick update on here regarding the wedding plans.
So we've pretty much decided that we're going to have a very small wedding (about 10-20 people) at the registry office, then a nice dinner somewhere. We think we've decided on our wedding night accommodation and they have a nice private dining room at the restaurant there that we could have the dinner/reception at. And the food sounds so delicious :) Very important!

We are still waiting to find out a good time of year regarding Paul's work, and when and for how long he can actually take off work. We're also waiting for me to find out if I got the APS job, whether I got into my uni course, and just general waiting for everything to be confirmed regarding working/studying/holidays/leave before we can do much more in the way of planning. I've even got permission to go a bit crazy on etsy for some pretty things for the wedding. Of course not too crazy hehe.

Anyway, until next time...

Monday, 18 January 2010

A million thoughts and no solutions..

So I thought I might add a little more of what I'm thinking at the moment. It's a perfect combination to the sweet Jazz beats that I'm listening to at the moment. I love jazz!!
We seem to be going around in circles. The following 4 factors do not help:
1. Paul being across the seas in the land of apples
2. Paul not knowing when he'll be able to get time off work
3. Me not knowing where I'll be working yet, and when I can get time off; and
4. We need to make some friends if we want more than 10 people at the wedding

Paul has actually told me to stop with the wedding stuff at the moment, as it is obvious that we are not going to make any progress until at least the first 3 factors are solved. But weddings are just so fun! We seem to have had about 4 options that we've considered:
1. Elope:   Ok, so this one didn't last too long as we both realised that we want at least our parents (and my little sister) there. So I guess that that's one option crossed off the list.
2. Destination Wedding: Got this idea directly after the scrapping of the eloping. So not as extravagent as what others do in regards to Greece (Santorini is to die for!) or a Fiji wedding but we were considering Hamilton Island or the Whitsundays. I got turned off by their packages - some of them seem a bit overpriced, don't include the reception/celebration dinner and just seem a bit dodgy in regards to photography; and photography is my number one thing for the wedding.
3. Wedding here in Melbourne or Regional Victoria (I simply ADORE Daylesford) with family: So I've been liking this idea for the pure budget saver that it is, and therefore more money for the honeymoon (Paul's number one thing). With this though, I worry that my dress is overkill. It's such a glamourous, elegant dress (it would want to be for $2250, even though I got it cheaper than that) and it seems like too much to be wearing for a ceremony of 12 people (including us!!) and a dinner at a restaurant. Slightly awkward?
4. Intimate Wedding in Melbourne the Traditional Way:  I'm leaning back towards this one now which is what is killing Paul - I'm getting in trouble for constantly changing my mind. But I'm a girl, it's what we do! If we do it this way, we'll most likely have the wedding at the Registry Office as I mentioned earlier. If it rains - we're safe. Celebrant is covered in the cost. Lovely building. Nice room - nicely decorated. I've been looking at this lovely place at Brighton Beach for the reception. It's called Milanos Tavern (http://www.milanos.com.au/) and the function lady, Prue, has been lovely. I've ben working with the number of 50 guests for that venue. The other place I have been looking at is Riva St Kilda (http://www.rivastkilda.com.au/) where in the room we're looking at can accommodate a maximum of 45 guests. They are both lovely from what I have seen. Saying all this has made me fall in love with the idea of this sort of wedding again. I can't wait to convince Paul that this is the way to go and to go and see the venues.

Gosh I can ramble can't I!

As for some other thoughts of the moment.
As our colour scheme has seemed to fall into black, pearl (ivory) and dusty pink (that's what I call it anyway) something like this:
(Left)I like the size and the ivory colours. Needs the dusty pink in there and get rid of those green things!!
(Right)I would probably mute the pink a little more so i was a bit "dustier" and more subtle. But I definitely like the size. No point going overboard for a small wedding!

As for something gorgeous, I've fallen in love with this bracelet from a lady selling on Etsy (most dangerous place in the world when planning a wedding!)

Yes I already have something but I don't feel like I got to choose that at all. It's gorgeous but that there is like my dream wedding bracelet. I'm so in love with it and it's only $50. Paul wouldn't understand the only part, but I think that it would be worth every cent, it's so gorgeous.

Ok, I really think that it is time for bed now. Thanks for reading Melinda (and anyone else who lasted the distance!)
Lots of love

Friday, 15 January 2010

Shoes Update

Ok. So after my dress arrived on Wednesday, and having it just staring at me, saying put me on, I decided to do just that on Thursday. Now wasn't that a bad idea. Nothing is wrong with the dress, nothing is broken, out of place or not what I ordered, but it just sent me in to panic frenzy to the point where not even lavendar bubble bath could make me feel better.

This is what I posted to the lovely ladies over at Wedding Central Forums (my absolute saviours I should add!!)

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if this is going to end up as simply a vent, or if anyone has any suggestions, but I really hope that someone out there can sympathise with me on some level.
First, some background information. Me and my fiance were originally meant to get married December 12 2009. As he is in the army, we ended up getting posted to Melbourne and therefore the wedding has been postponed (probably until early-mid 2011). Before we found out of his posting, I bought my wedding dress from The Bridal Centre in Brisbane around June/July. So that the removalists didn't damage it (Defence contracted removalists are shocking - something else I could vent on lol), I decided to get it freighted to our new address in Melbourne and it arrived yesterday. As FH is currently visiting his parents in Tasmania, today I thought I'd put the dress on as I haven't seen it in ages. This is where my problem starts...
Obviously the dress wasn't done up properly (as my mum and bridesmaid are back in QLD and I haven't made any friends here yet to help me do it up) but it was done up lightly, and I was holding it up to where it will be sitting when done up properly. I haven't bought them yet, but I will be wearing flat shoes (sandals/ballet flats) as me and FH are the same height (or I'm 1 or 2cm taller than him - I'm about 175cm) and we both don't want me to be taller than him for the wedding. I put on some flat shoes and attempted to walk from my bedroom to the spare room (about 10 steps) and I could not walk without having to hold up the dress. I then put on my old school formal shoes (heels) and could walk fine. It is an essence dress d910 and it has a lace overlay with detailing all along the bottom which is what i kept standing on mainly. My mum suggested getting it altered professionally, but in order to do this, you'd lose half at least half the detailing and it would look terrible in my opinion. After that suggestion, she suggested FH stand on a box for the ceremony and photography but hell no is that happening.. what about the dancing, and the candid photos, and the leaving the ceremony, and the everything in general!!!!!
I really don't know what to do here. I don't know whether I should look for a new dress and sell the other one - if anyone would even buy it!
So sorry for the rant but I just needed to get it off my chest and see if anyone has any suggestions

So technically, long story short.. either the dress goes, the dress changes or I just cry myself to sleep until the wedding day and finally realise that this isn't that big of a deal as the important thing is that we have a wonderful life together to look forward to (thanks for helping me see that Melinda!! xx).

Now I'm sure Paul will hate me for mentioning this on here (or just tell me that I'm not meant to say that!) but one of the lovely ladies from the forum posted back to me with this link:
Yes, they make shoes that make men taller. And they're not like some Cuban Heels, or high heels for men. They are totally cool, apparently you can't tell (except for the fact that you're now taller than people who you were once shorter than) and the store is right here in Melbourne!

So now, I might be able to wear a little heel, not have to change the dress, and potentially all our problems could be solved. He's agreed to at least have a look and try them on so I'm super excited. I do have to limit my heel to a maximum of the height his shoes will heighten him by, but eeek, so exciting :)

It is dangerous though, because I can now look at amazing shoes like these and quite possibly blow the budget.. But these are simply DEVINE!
What's a girl to do??? (I doubt neither Paul nor I can justify $380 for them though.. unfortunately)
Ok, so that's a pretty massive blog. But you have to understand that I'm pretty darn excited right now.

On a side note, update on reception venues... I have a list of approximately 120 venues that we will NOT be holding our reception at (I went through the entire list off weddingpages.com.au) and only about 2 or 3 that I can be bothered to look into further, once we get confirmation from Paul's work. As for the ceremony location, it sounds tacky, but turns out the Melbourne Registry Office has a lovely room that can hold 55 guests in the Old Treasury Building (gorgeous!!!) where we can get the whole ceremony (including celebrant) for $320 - AND it doesn't matter if Melbourne decides to rain on our parade (knock on wood - I really have my heart set on a few different locations to get some photos done where rain wouldn't be appreciated)

Anyway, you're thoughts and suggestions are helping me make our day as amazing as possible.
Lots of Love

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dress and Accessories

Today I arrived home after dropping Paul off at the airport to find a box at my doorstep from The Bridal Centre in Brisbane. Although I'm pretty annoyed that they just left it at the doorstep, everything was fine and it's all safe and well.

It's amazing how you can forget how beautiful everything is. My dress is so gorgeous; I even detached the detachable straps for the first time and it looks so elegant either way. I love that it is lace up and it's just so perfect. I was beginning to have second thoughts about it. Is it really "the one"? Is it still going to look good on me? What if I put on weight? The usual girly thoughts. But now I couldn't be happier. Everything feels more real now that I have my beautiful dress.

I'm really pleased with the veil. It really matches the dress - it looks like they were made to go together. I don't think I'll be putting it over my face.. that's just not my sort of thing really, but not sure yet.

My earrings and bracelet are matching and are just lovely. Pearl look and crystal. Not sure if I'll be wearing a necklace yet - if I do, it will definitely be pearls.

Even my "crown" (headpiece) isn't as bad as I remember it to be. I think I've managed to find a way that I could wear it and like it, but we'll see how i end up having my hair done first.

All in all, I'm really happy. Can't wait to start looking at venues and photographers when Paul gets back and starts back at work. We're looking at around May 2011, giving him enough time to sort it out with work, but we don't want to book anything until they give us the all clear! We've already short listed 1 photographer who we have heard nothing but positive things about and I can't wait to meet with her. The excitement begins :)


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Shoes Ideas

Here are some of the shoes I've seen online for ideas. I like a bit of detailing (bows/pearls etc) but nothing over the top. And if worse comes to worse, I'll get plain ones and add the bows myself! Probably for a fraction of the cost!

So as many of you would be aware, unless I want to be taller than Paul in all of our wedding photos (not unlike Keith and Nicole), I'll be wearing flat shoes for the wedding. I really don't mind - it's just one of the things that you consider when you're the same height as each other. I can't really complain, though, as I'll probably have the most comfortable shoes there and the least sore feet.

I'll probably manage to get a good deal too, as I'll be looking away from the general "wedding shoes" areas/shops and have a bit more versatility. Some of the prices for wedding shoes are ridiculous, and I'd only wear them once. I've done my splurge with the dress.. I'm not going to fork out some ridiculous amount for another wear once only item...

Jenna xx

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Road to Mr and Mrs

Having already experienced the first attempts at planning a wedding before moving from Queensland to Melbourne, I thought it time to begin planning again now that Christmas and New Year have passed and we are safely and happily settled into our new house.
As Paul is in the Army, this was our downfall with attempt number 1. With work commitments, interstate courses and general day to day interruptions of the military lifestyle things just didn't want to happen they way we'd planned. But for this, we are happier. We no longer need to rush the planning, selecting, meeting and finalising of suppliers and we get to really work together and make the important decisions together (although his response to most things is "I like what you like darling"). On the upside, we did only lose $250 in deposits as our photographer (Paton Photography) was very compassionate and gave our deposit back.

I absolutely adored planning the first attempt at the wedding, and I know I'm going to be even more excited this time around, knowing that this time its definitely for real. I love the researching, meeting with people, diy; just everything about it!
Until Paul goes back to work (and I actually find a job down here), we are unable to really set any dates, or do anything much more than look on the internet and in magazines and remember the pretty places, the yummy looking cakes and the finest photographers. We really don't want a similar thing to happen again. We've got to wait to find out when his work will give him time off, if they have any ops/exercises happening or (god forbid) and deployments lined up. The wonderful thing about being a defence WAG is that you fit your life around them (the military - not Paul!), 100% of the time.

So I thought to myself, as I adore it all so much, I best make a blog to remember it all, and to hopefully keep a few of you back in Queensland in the loop, if anyone reads this!
The one thing I can tick off the list is my dress. It is due to arrive to me next week sometime as they are freighting it down from The Bridal Centre in Brisbane where I bought it. It is an Essence gown, D910 I beleive, and is very elegant and perfect. It is off-white, lace up, lace overlay with detachable lace straps and a detachable lace train. I always promised Paul I wouldn't spend more than $2000 on a dress, but when I tried this one on, I just had to have it. It was my lucky day though, as for paying the full amount up front, the price went from $2250 to $1913!! Can't wait for it to arrive along with my veil, earrings, bracelet and CROWN.


Well, tiara. I should seriously shoot myself for buying it. What was I thinking. It's either going to go to the flower girl (should we have one) or on ebay. Ok, so I wasn't thinking. When I went for my fitting of the dress once it arrived in store, the lady Trenna (who was absolutely lovely, I should add) was throwing jewellery and accessories at me left right and centre, and as my mum and sister (my lone bridesmaid) were at work that day, I didn't have anyone to remind me that I do not want a lump of metal, crystal and dress pearls on top of my head like when I was 5 and that in actual fact I want a side slide hair piece if anything. Trenna never pressured me or anything, I was just caught up in the moment, as I'm sure many brides-to-be can say they have experienced.

The only other thing finalised is Kaitlin's bridesmaids dress. It's a bit different to any traditional bridesmaid's dress, but it was exactly what I wanted! It's dusty pink with a complete black lace overlay and from "They Call Me Kitten D'Amour" (formerly "Sex Kitten"). It will probably shock a few people, perhaps, but it's mine and Paul's wedding, not theirs.

As for some of the details we have discussed...
We are looking at around 50 guests. Enough for the important people to be there, yet not cost us an absolute fortune.
So far our shortlisted favourite reception venue is Riva St Kilda, but we are yet to meet with them, and yet to hear back from a few other venues I emailed last night.
Our ceremony will probably be around 3-4pm, with reception to follow around 6pm.
We are looking at ways to save money as much as possible. Cakes, flowers, invitations will all be simple and elegant. We are also going to write out exactly what we want from a photographer and get a few of our favourites to quote to what we want, rather than us fitting into a generic package that they designed.
HONEYMOON. Not too sure as yet, but shortlisted a few such as Fiji, Bali and Thailand.

Wow, if you are still with me after all that, I applaud you! I hope to update this regularly with pictures of things I like, places/services I like and hopefully you can all let me know what you think!

Lots of Love
Jenna xx